about us
Our Mission

To deliver an exceptional dining experience by creating an eatery that is fun, fresh, and first-rate.

The Lollicup® concept is not just about great tasting food, but the whole dining experience – without long wait times and overpriced items. Lollicup® stores strive to bring a brand new experience to customers that will have them eager to come back for more.

Our Values

Menu: Our drinks and foods must be made fresh, with only the highest quality ingredients.

Employees: We support team member excellence and strive to create a fun, safe work environment where motivated employees can flourish and succeed to their highest potential. Lollicup Fresh corporate support is a necessity. We recognize training is key to the success and happiness of employees. Lollicup Fresh employees deserve every opportunity to excel in the work place.

Guests: Our customers’ satisfaction is the core of our business. We make every effort to please our guests by providing a welcoming atmosphere and great service.

Stores: We strive to be a community meeting place by creating inviting store environments where guests are encouraged to gather and bond while enjoying their surroundings.

Innovation: Our research and development team seeks to provide tomorrow’s new flavor, today. We want to be a step ahead of the trends.

Our History

After years of market research in Taiwan, Lollicup® perfected its recipes and opened doors in 2000. The company’s founders did not anticipate how much the boba sensation would grow over the next decade. After continued success, Lollicup® introduced a new image in 2014 to present the fresh change in the Lollicup® look, recipes, and vision for the future.

Having been one of the first shops to introduce boba milk tea to Southern California, the Lollicup® brand has proudly stood the test of time. Lolllicup® prides itself on its handcrafted beverages, fresh snacks, and meals, but this is only a portion of the stores’ vision. It’s not just about creating the perfect food and drinks; it’s about creating an atmosphere that will give customers the ultimate dining experience.



Lollicup® opens first store in San Gabriel, CA


Lollicup.com launches and Tea Zone is established to provide premium boba, coffee and tea supplies


30 new locations open nationwide


New stores open as Lollicup® Tea Zone, embracing a new slogan “It’s Your Lifestyle”


Karat, a sister company that supplies foodservice disposables, is established to cater to Lollicup® stores


Lollicup® store opens in Riverside, CA


Lollicup® store opens in West L.A. The first international Lollicup® store opens in Chengdu, China


Lollicup® updates its image and transforms its menu to focus on fresh ingredients


First mall store, Lollicup® Fresh Brea (Tea Express) opens